The old world is gone. Destroyed when all the bank records in the world were mysteriously wiped out. Without them, no one knew who owed what to who. Society crumbled as the great nations fell into a maelstrom of chaos. The world burned. Centuries passed.

From the ashes, a new and darker world arose. A world of savages and scientists. A world where blood will be spilled for a day’s rations. A world where no one takes credit. And from this chaos a hero has emerged. A man who walks the land, righting the wrongs he encounters. These are Tales of Richard, Post-Apocalyptic Cabinet Maker.

“Tales of Richard, Post-Apocalyptic Cabinet Maker” is a new audio drama written by Steve Baldwin of Toxic Bag Productions. Set centuries after a global catastrophe that is referred to as The Great War, “Tales of Richard” follows the adventures of the vaguely mysterious Richard as he wanders the land, building and repairing cabinets and righting the wrongs he encounters.