The World of Richard

The old world is gone. Destroyed when all the bank records in the world were mysteriously wiped out. Without them, no one knew who owed what to who. Society crumbled as the great nations fell into a maelstrom of chaos. The world burned. Centuries passed.

From the ashes, a new and darker world arose. A world of savages and scientists. A world where blood will be spilled for a day’s rations. A world where no one takes credit. And from this chaos a hero has emerged. A man who walks the land, righting the wrongs he encounters. These are Tales of Richard, Post-Apocalyptic Cabinet Maker.

Centuries after The Great War, the world is being rebuilt. Some regions have come back more quickly than others. Advanced technological societies thrive mere miles from towns that struggle to make do with medieval tools and archaic weapons. Isolation is the common factor throughout the land; many communities have no idea that anything has survived beyond their short view. But some have broader vision and wide-ranging ambition. In some regions, city-states have developed and pushed outward, waging war against nearby settlements.
Into this patchwork world comes Richard, a renegade former member of the mysterious Cabinet Installation Agency. Armed with his frequently-questionable wits and an ancient electric screwdriver, he wanders from town to town searching for cabinetry work. Or the odd handyman job. Or maybe some low-voltage electrics, if that’s what you need. And when dire situations arise, he rights the wrongs he encounters.

The Cabinet Installation Agency is an organization shrouded in mystery. Formed as a simple trade guild in the first century after The Great War, the C.I.A. grew over time into a legendary secret society and now boasts tremendous power and influence.

Known throughout the land for doing “more than building cabinets,” the Agency is always acquiring and controlling information. Its operatives are trained in espionage and combat, as well as basic carpentry and cabinet making.

One of the oldest and largest kingdoms of the new world, Morriconia is a stabilizing force in these dark times. Founded over five hundred years ago by King Ennio the First, the Kingdom of Morriconia has grown in size, power and influence ever since.


A major force in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, Sabertronics produces several lines of robotic devices ranging from basic domestic models to medical assistance and surgical units to combat-ready soldier and assassin units. Building on salvaged computer code from before The Great War, Sabertronics founder Keatag Malloy developed the first primitive STX 01 model 450 years ago. These early models were used as castle servants by the King of Morriconia, and were also purchased by nobles in Merchantsfield.

An early advertising slogan, “The Androids with Heart,” was abandoned by Sabertronics after five (possibly six; records are incomplete – citation needed) STX -NX06 units malfunctioned, resulting in several deaths. A decade of branding challenges and poor sales followed. The Malloy family’s fortunes foundered and the company nearly went under, but Sabertronics was able to relaunch and rebrand after taking on new partners, the Fleming brothers (citation needed).

Due to their robust design and thanks to centuries of software and firmware development, many generations of Sabertronics robots are still in service decades after they stepped off the assembly line.