List of “Tales of Richard” Serials

Serial One: The Inverness Towers (Four Episodes)

When the caretaker of the prestigious Inverness Towers Retirement Community mysteriously vanishes, Richard is hired as the replacement. Soon, he realizes that something sinister is going on. As events unfold, Richard stumbles onto a decades-old plan of vengeance.

Starring Steve Baldwin as Richard. Also starring Robert Cornelius, Kat Evans, Derrick Gaetke, Hillary Gokenbach, David Hayes, Dan Hitzemann, Dan Houle, Stephanie Lewis, Ele Matelan, Betsy Taylor Pennington, and Brian Zinda

Serial Two: The Sereptons (Four Episodes)
While investigating the ruins of an ancient city, Richard and his companions explore hidden lower levels complete with power and lights. All too soon, they discover that these levels aren’t as deserted as they first thought. Richard is about to have his first encounter with the Sereptons!

Serial Three: The Cabinets of Caligari (Four Episodes)
Richard is traveling on a steam ship across a giant inland sea. The voyage is soon interrupted by the murder of one of the crew. Also making the trip are some archeologists who have unearthed the lost Cabinets of Caligari. According to legend, the cabinets possess magical properties. Soon, a routine voyage turns into a desperate struggle to survive.

Serial Four: The Scavengers (Three Episodes)
Needing a special cabinet hinge, Richard is forced to go to the only remaining hardware store in the new world: the Housing Despot. Once there, he discovers that a strange wasteland tribe has taken up residence in the store. To make matters worse, the tribe considers the despot to be their holy place, and will kill any outsider who enters.

Serial Five: The Village of the Damned (Two Episodes)
East town is dying. Most folks have simply fled. Others that remain suffer severe illness and freak accidents. Some say that East town has been cursed, and all who dwell there are doomed. Of course, Richard doesn’t believe in curses.

Serial Six: Three Blind Mortises (Four Episodes)
The village of Whitehouse has been ravaged by war and occupied by forces of the Department of the Interior (DOI.) During the battle, three encrypted wheels of the enemy’s Omega code machine have been left behind. Martial law is the order of the day as the DOI searches for the wheels. Brought in to help with the rebuilding of Whitehouse, Richard soon becomes swept up in a dangerous race to find the wheels.

Serial Seven: The Protean Horror (Four Episodes)
No cows. No chickens. No pigs…No Problem! Food is a precious commodity in the new world. Fortunately, the scientific wizards at Labricultural Consumables have created whole new species that we can consume. Unfortunately, one of them has decided it wants to be at the top of the food chain. Now, Richard, and a handful of survivors must find a way to stop a deadly monster.

Serial Eight: The Kidnapping of Dovetail Junction Joe (Four Episodes)
The people of Dovetail Junction believe that their prized ferret, Joe, can control the weather, and insure a rich harvest. The local bandits believe that a handsome sum can be ransomed for the return of Joe. Richard believes that he should mind his own business and finish his cabinet job.

Serial Nine: The Curse of the Kennel Club (Four Episodes)
The All-Breed Kennel Club is the preeminent organization for canine affairs. Led by club chairwoman Penelope Sodden-Phelps and her young assistant, Gracie Law, the All-Breed is known throughout the land for its breeding, showing and promotion of dogs. But all is not as it seems, and Richard begins to suspect that dogs aren’t the only species that the All-Breed is practicing eugenics on.