Cabinets of Caligari recording

2019-11-16 14.54.29
“Cabinets of Caligari” Day 1 Back Row, L-R: Alan Vuchichevich, Brian Zinda, Linsey Falls, Steve Baldwin, Derrick Gaetke, David C. Hayes, Betsy Pennington Taylor, Dan Hitzemann, Mary Jo Bolduc, Kevin Gladish. Front, L-R: Ele Matelan, Hillary Gokenbach
2019-11-17 13.07.36
“Cabinets of Caligari” Day 2 L-R: Steve Baldwin, Stephanie Lewis, Dan Houle, Hillary Gokenbach


We spent the weekend recording dialog for our third serial, “The Cabinets of Caligari.” Written by showrunner Steve Baldwin, this new serial features voice performances by Kat Evans, Derrick Gaetke, Kevin Gladish, Hillary Gokenbach, David C. Hayes, Dan Hitzemann, Dan Houle, Stephanie Lewis, Betsy Pennington Taylor, Alan Vuchichevich, Brian Zinda, and our two newest cast members, Mary Jo Bolduc and Linsey Falls.

We’ll be editing, designing, composing and mixing for awhile, but stay tuned for release information about our first three serials, “The Inverness Towers, “The Sereptons,” and “The Cabinets of Caligari!”